About Us

Mom and Pop Shop
We are owned and operated by... us! We live here locally, and have been in the pet business most of our lives.


Our passion is our pets. We keep them at home, we keep them in our shop. Have been since childhood. 

Jeff has been keeping fish since, well, as young as he can remember. He has always had a fish tank, and most of his life he has had many. His first job in high school was working part time at a local fish store, then worked in his family's store for 11 years. Then he went to work on the manufacturing side, selling products to other stores nationwide. For another 11 years he went around the country talking to pet store owners and suppliers, picking up lots of information along the way.

In 2006, he opened Simply Pets, to get back to basics. And to keep it Simple!



Shanonn is Jeff's wife of more than twenty years. She has also been keeping pets since childhood, and been in the pet business most of her adult life. She has kept birds for many years, and reptiles for almost as long. And little critters.. she loves them all! But is allergic to bunnies..



Big Fish 
If your fish get too big, give us a call! We can usually take them in and find them a home.