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Reptile Department


We are the only full line turtle store in the market. We keep 8 dedicated turtle tanks, with an average 8 species. All species offered are chosen to male good pets, with smaller adult sizes. All are captive raised, mostly bred by small farms.  We have all supplies and foods on hand as well.


Gecko Mania!

Geckos are another passion of ours, and we get only captive raised better quality specimens. Leopards, Cresteds, Gargoyles and more!

Crested 01_edited.jpg


Lots... and Lots... of Colubrids. Corn Snakes, King Snakes, Rat Snakes, Bull Snakes, Milk Snakes.. and more. Many of them produced in house! We keep a private collection, consisting of dozens of varieties.



Yup, frogs too. Captive raised. Pacmans and pixies. Whites Tree Frogs galore!

Tree Frog.jpg


We also maintain a nice selection of tortoises, the turtle's cousins. Again, we deal with smaller producers, more focused on quality, not quantity. Many of ours are bred in Florida, and raised outdoors in natural sunlight for several months before we go pick them up.

Tortoise 03.jpg

Bearded Dragons

Another animal that we focus on only getting from smaller producers. Not like the mass produced low quality animals commonly found at the chain retailers.

Beardie 02_edited.jpg

Ball Pythons

Ah yes, Ball Pythons. 50 to 100 animals available at all times! Babies to adults. 

Bll Python 01.jpg

Feeder Selection

We have a TON of feeders in stock at all times,! Live and frozen rodents, and bugs...

Crickets, Dubias, Superworms, Black Soldier Fly Larvae, mealworms, wax worms, butter worms, horn worms... the list is always growing!

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