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Little Fish

Freshwater Fish

New World (American) Cichlids

Traditionally known as "South Americans", most of the species kept are actually from Central America. Mostly larger more territorial fish, but not all of them are. We have about 40 or so tanks devoted to them


Tropical Community

We maintain the largest collection of tropical community fish in the Hampton Roads market, with over 100 tanks devoted to peaceful fish, that you can keep groups of and fill a tank. Many of them bred here in the USA!

Fish Rainbows.jpg


Lots... and Lots... of Bettas. Still can only keep one per tank as a rule, but we keep a large collection of bettas , betta tanks, and supplies.


Nano Shrimp

We keep the largest selection of dwarf shrimp in the market! 18 tanks and counting of neocardinia shrimps, and a few cardinia as well. Most of them bred locally.

Shrimp 01.jpg

African Cichlids

Native to the Rift Lakes of Central Africa; Lake Malawi, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria.
We keep about 60 tanks devoted to these species, with Mbunas, Peacocks and Haps. Both privately bred and some wild imports

Africans HUGE.jpg

Aquarium Plants

We keep several systems of aquarium plants, and get them direct from several sources. Family farms located in Florida, as well as monthly shipments (or more often) from Dustin's Plants! 


Clean Up Crew

We keep a large selection of clean up fish in stock! Algae eaters and catfish. Over 20 types at any given time. Many of them locally bred by hobbyists!

Pleco HUGE_edited.jpg

Pond Fish

We keep many varieties of Koi and Goldfish, seasonally avaialable.

Koi 01.jpg
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